Cameron Protégé Steven Quale to Direct Fifth ‘Final Destination’

ALTJames Cameron’s protégé Steven Quale, the second unit director for Avatar, has reportedly been tapped to direct Final Destination 5, which will involve more teens dying in elaborate ways for our collective viewing pleasure (in 3D!).  Wait, they’re still making Final Destination movies?

Apparently the fourth Final Destination film The Final Destination grossed over $182 million worldwide on a budget of around $40 million, despite terrible reviews, which says to studio execs: keep going! Beat that franchise horse until it is fully, one hundred percent dead! 

And so New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have decided to grace us with a fifth Final Destination.  C’mon people, until we all get together and agree to stop seeing these films, they are going to keep making them – don’t you see? Must we continually sacrifice young American actors and actresses in our Coliseum-like multiplexes in order to satisfy our appetite for hot teen blood? Apparently we must.

Anyway, Quale has a decent resume, so perhaps it’s still too early to despair.  He worked with Cameron as a special projects coordinator on both Terminator 2: Judgment Day and True Lies. He began his second unit directorial career with Titanic and, in addition to second unit directing Avatar, was Cameron’s pick to direct his IMAX documentary Aliens of the Deep. James Cameron seems to know a thing or two about making movies, so it’s not insignificant that industry insiders are claiming that the director called New Line personally to lobby on Quale’s behalf.

Alright, but even if Quale is a solid choice to direct the latest in Rube-Goldberg-inspired death-porn, this has got to be the last one. Please? The last one.

Source: /FIlm and Heat Vision