Danny McBride Is the Latest, and Most Surprising, Addition to Cameron Crowe’s New Film

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Fresh off his performance as himself in This is the End, Danny McBride has set his sights on a new project, and this one is a little more of a departure for the comedic actor (Though it’s worth noting that after you play yourself in a movie, pretty much any role is more of a departure). According to Bradley Cooper, McBride will be joining him in an upcoming Cameron Crowe movie.

Cooper, who will be starring in the (as of now untitled) movie alongside Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams, revealed to HuffPo Entertainment that McBride had joined the cast, news that has since been confirmed by the comedian’s reps. Details of the film’s plot have been kept under wraps, but TheWrap reports that it may be a revamp of an old script that Crowe wrote called Deep Tiki. Cooper will play “a defense contractor supervisor assigned to oversee the launch of a weapon satellite from Hawaii,” while Stone will play his contact in the Air Force.

Danny McBride’s role is still unknown, but the news that he will be acting in Cameron Crowe’s latest picture is a tad surprising. Will this role mark a new dramatic direction for McBride? Then again, maybe this casting choice isn’t so strange. Crowe has cast famous funnymen in his movies in the past, like Jay Mohr in Jerry Maguire and Jason Lee in Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky

For now, all we have to do is sit and wait for more clues about this mysterious project and McBride’s part in it. Production on the untitled Cameron Crowe film is set to begin in September. 

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