What Are the Craziest Diets Actors Have Taken on for Movie Roles?

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To star in a movie, not only do you have to act the part, but you also have to look the part. While some actors simply dye their hair, others have to pack on some pounds or shed a few. Well, that’s exactly what Ashton Kutcher did for his upcoming role as Apple’s creative mind Steve Jobs.

For the Joshua Michael Stern directed biopic JOBSKutcher mimicked Steve Jobs’ diet, embarking on the fruitarian diet. (Fun fact: the fruit-based diet is what inspired Jobs to title his now-legendary company, Apple.) Although the former That ’70s Show actor lost nearly 20 pounds by only consuming fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, the severe diet did lead to Kutcher’s brief hospitalization.

So we’ve put together a gallery of celebs who have undertaken extreme diets for a role. Launch our gallery to view a few celebrities who have binge eaten and nearly starved for acting’s sake. But please, do not try these whacko diets at home. 

GALLERY: 10 Extreme Movie Celebrity Movie Diets

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