What Are Celebrities Tweeting About ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?

Guardians of the GalaxyWalt Disney Pictures/Marvel

On the off chance that you’ve managed to avoid the Internet, television, newspapers or other people for the last few months – in which case, welcome back! That one Iggy Azalea song is still a thing and Legolas and the Biebs are feuding now – allow us to remind you that Guardians of the Galaxy  opens today.  Although, chances are even the most remote parts of the world are still abuzz at the chance to see Andy Dwyer, Neytiri, and the Vin Diesel-tree save the universe. As with every major and minor cultural event, Twitter is full of people sharing their excitement, opinions, criticisms and photos of the snacks they got at the concession stand. And even though celebrities might have cooler jobs and better hair than the rest of us, they too are unable to resist the allure of the latest Marvel movie, or the joy of tweeting about it.

Some of them couldn’t contain their excitement (or their cosplay costumes): 

A few couldn’t resist bragging about being into Guardians of the Galaxy before it was cool: 

There were a handful of concise reviews: 

And discussions about who really stole the show: 

But mostly, people just wanted to share a few general observations about the film: 

Just becuase you’re in show business, that doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with Chris Pratt

Although he might have some competition in the celebrity friend/nerd cred department: 

And there was absolutely nothing that could potentially cause people to overreact and start reports of a feud. Nothing at all. 

You can catch Guardians of the Galaxy  in theaters everywhere to judge it for yourself. And then tweet about it, of course.