Count the Guns with Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Last Stand’ — TRAILER

The Last Stand

The characters in (or eventual fans of) the upcoming action-comedy The Last Stand don’t seem to be the same people cheering on newly reelected President Barack Obama for pushing toward more stringent gun control laws. This movie, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aging sheriff forced to defend his sleepy Southern town against an escaped convict, seems to be rooted in a love for and excitement over guns.

Nary a frame goes by in the new trailer without sight or sound of a firearm, either in the hands of the nefarious villains (led by Frank Martinez) or the freedom-fighting ragtag band of heroes (Schwarzenegger, Jaimie Alexander, Luis Guzman, and Johnny Knoxville). In the nearly 3-minute video, the visual tally for depictions of firearms equates to 27, while the scenes containing actual gunshots (or gunshot streams) adds up to 12. That’s a whole lot of lead.

Of course, we don’t actually see anyone fall victim to gunshot injuries in this trailer, but that’s not likely the case in the feature film. What do you think about such an extensive, celebratory showcase of gunfire? Does the “all in good fun” attitude of The Last Stand forgive what might be an overexposure to weaponry, or does it make the situation all the more disconcerting? Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think.

[Photo Credit: Lionsgate]


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