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Ellen Page: ‘Making Woody Allen film is biggest regret of my career’

Actress Ellen Page is “ashamed” to have worked with controversial filmmaker Woody Allen, insisting it’s the “biggest regret” of her career.

The Juno star made the confession as part of a lengthy post on Facebook on Friday (10Nov17), when she reflected on the widespread nature of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and accused Brett Ratner of abusive and “homophobic” behavior on the set of their 2006 blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand.

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In the note, Page condemned the way abusers are protected in Hollywood, referencing the lack of action taken over longstanding industry rumors surrounding the alleged sexual exploits of producer

Harvey Weinstein and comedian Bill Cosby, while also pointing out how directors like Roman Polanski, who pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor in 1978, and Woody, who has long been dogged by accusations of child molestation, continue to be celebrated.

Page goes on to admit she wishes she had rejected a role in Allen’s 2012 movie To Rome With Love, because it’s a collaboration she’s not proud of.

“I did a Woody Allen movie and it is the biggest regret of my career,” she wrote. “I am ashamed I did this.

“I had yet to find my voice and was not who I am now and felt pressured, because ‘of course you have to say yes to this Woody Allen film.’ Ultimately, however, it is my choice what films I decide to do and I made the wrong choice. I made an awful mistake.”

Actress Mia Farrow previously accused her ex-partner Allen of molesting their adopted daughter Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow back in 1992, when the girl was just seven years old.

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Allen furiously denied the allegations at the time, but the scandal refused to go away, and in 2014, Dylan shared her story in an open letter to The New York Times, in which she detailed the alleged abuse she had endured as a child.

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