Friends Neeson and Fiennes to ‘Clash’ As Titans

Liam Neeson is set to bounce back after the shocking death of his wife Natasha Richardson by starring opposite longtime friend Ralph Fiennes in the Clash of the Titans remake.

The two stars are set to play warring gods in the update of the cult 1981 film.

Neeson will play Zeus, according to the Hollywood Reporter, while Fiennes is in negotiations to take on the role of Hades, ruler of the underworld.

The film set will be a more cheerful get-together for Neeson and Fiennes, who last met at Richardson’s New York state funeral in March.

The all-star cast will also feature Aussie hunk Sam Worthington as Greek hero Perseus and James Bond stars Gemma Arterton and Mads Mikkelson.

Mikkelson will play Draco, a fearless warrior, while the British Arterton will take on the part of Io, a love interest of the movie’s protagonist Perseus.

The original film starred Ursula Andress as Aphrodite, Laurence Olivier as Zeus and Maggie SmithHarry Hamlin was the original Perseus.

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