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Go Behind The Scenes Of The Bizarre Set Of ‘Knight of Cups’

Normally when an actor says yes to the project, they’ve already read the script or they’ve been told details about the character that they would be portraying. Director Terrence Malick doesn’t do that “stuff” for his film ‘Knight of Cups’. For this experimental film, Terrence shouted out simple directions for the actors and the actors improv whatever they are told. As it turns out, the actors loved the openness of shooting a film this way.

In this interview Imogen Poots understands that doing this film is not going to be like any other, Freida Pinto tells us why she couldn’t have an improv conversation with Christian Bale, Teresa Palmer explains torpedoing in a scene, Natalie Portman talks about the dance with the camera the actors had to do, and Christian Bale goes into his characters sense of emptiness:

Knight of Cups is out this Friday, March 4, 2016.

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