Gumbo-Gate: Disney’s Healthy Gumbo Recipe Offends The Whole Of Louisiana


If Princess Tiana isn’t rolling around in her DVD Box Set reeling over the thought of attaching her to name to such a horrendous misrepresentation of Cajun and Creole culture, the Internet is doing it for her.

Disney recently got their butts handed to them after posting a video called “Princess Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo.” The recipe was horrifically non-traditional (quinoa and kale in gumbo? Are you joking?) and Louisiana natives shut it down.

Not only did Disney’s recipe include quinoa and kale — the trendiest of trendy health foods — it didn’t start the recipe with a roux.

We repeat — there was no roux.


Needless to say, the Internet lost it and created the hashtag #GumboStrong in protest.

Though some did see a silver lining. All of Louisiana, regardless of race or creed, united under their mutual distaste for Disney’s gumbo appropriation.

Disney has since removed the recipe after Louisiana cyberbullied the media giant into submission; however, someone did make this lovely video of Disney’s original gumbo recipe if you feel like having a healthy kale and quinoa, prawn soup (or whatever the heck it is because it’s not gumbo).


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