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How Old Is Captain America?

How old is Captain America?

Well, the answer to this is rather complex: the character first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1941, making him 80 years old this year. In the MCU, Steve Rogers’ story started in the early ‘40s as well, when he was a young adult. He was then put on ice for nearly 70 years, waking up the same age in 2011 New York. 

However, we’re not here to talk about Captain America’s complicated age. As we publish this article, it’s been 10 years since Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger premiered and Steve Roger first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! 

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Let’s take a look at the Captain America movie franchise and what the past decade has brought us for the iconic character!

Captain America: The First Avenger turns 10 

Captain America: The First Avenger first premiered in Hollywood on July 19, 2011, and was subsequently released in theaters on July 22. While the film was the fifth movie released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Thor, it is the first movie in the MCU timeline. 

Captain America: The First Avenger introduces a scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who is dedicated to joining the U.S. military during WWII. He catches the attention of a scientist who has created a Super Soldier serum. Steve Rogers proves himself worthy of taking the serum during a test among the new recruits. After being injected with the serum, Steve Rogers becomes taller and more muscular and is given the powers and title of Captain America. 

Later in the film, Steve Rogers must face a Nazi division named Hydra. He works to stop Hydra’s leaders from using the powers of the Tesseract (which holds the Space Stone) to aid Hydra’s success in the war. After disrupting Hydra’s missions, Steve Rogers successfully takes down its leaders and the Tesseract is recovered. At the end of the film, Steve Rogers wakes up in a hospital room in 2011 after being frozen for nearly 70 years. He is then approached by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) of S.H.I.E.L.D. with an opportunity to save the world. This leads to the iconic 2012 Marvel film The Avengers where Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye team up for the first time. 

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Captain America: The First Avenger not only showed the origins of Steve Rogers/ Captain America but also gave audiences a closer look at the Stark empire. In the film, Dominic Cooper plays Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). Howard Stark assisted in government operations and helped Steve Rogers with the equipment he needed to be Captain America. He even gave him his classic shield made of vibranium.

According to The Numbers, Captain America: The First Avenger brought in $65,058,524 during its opening weekend. The film, directed by Joe Johnston and produced by Kevin Feige, totaled $370,569,776 in ticket sales worldwide.  

In a 2011 press junket, Hollywood.com learned about where the inspiration for the film’s aesthetic came from from Joe Johnston

“…we had always talked about films of this period that we liked – contemporary films – and Raiders [of the Lost Ark] was the model that we used. We used it as a template for a lot of reasons, but it feels contemporary today, even though it was made 30 years ago now. It still feels absolutely fresh. I wanted Captain America to feel like that, to feel like it wasn’t a film made in the ‘40s, it was a film about the ‘40s made today.”

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In his review of Captain America: The First Avenger A.O. Scott of The New York Times wrote that the film was “pretty good fun.” He went on to say that the movie “…is enjoyably preposterous, occasionally touching and generally likable.”

Captain America: The First Avenger introduced a beloved character to Marvel fans while establishing a franchise that produced outstanding future films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War

How old is Captain America? It’s been a decade for Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans won the hearts of Marvel fans in Captain America: The First Avenger. Prior to landing this huge role, Chris Evans played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four (2015) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) but found his permanent Marvel home with Captain America. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Evans almost completely declined the opportunity to play Captain America, but he said he is so happy he didn’t. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I really owe that to Kevin Feige for being persistent and helping me avoid making a giant mistake,” Chris said. He also stated that he quickly fell in love with playing Steve Rogers. 

We have seen Captain America in several Marvel films including three Captain America movies and four Avengers films. In his early movies, Steve Rogers was trying to recover from his past and accustom himself to the new life he was thrown into. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Chris Evans embodied Steve’s grief and inner conflict as he was forced to face his skeletons from his life in the 1940s. 

Throughout his character’s storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers always tries to do the morally correct thing. We especially see this in Captain America: Civil War, when he is pinned against his fellow avengers because he stands by the fact that he is fighting for the right cause. 

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Chris Evans gave so much personality and likability to Steve Rogers, making him a fan favorite among MCU stans. His portrayal of the character is highly admired by many and makes it hard for fans to picture a Marvel Cinematic Universe without him. The charm that Chris Evans gives Steve helps to paint a clear picture of Captain America and his willingness to protect those he cares about. 

Chris Evans is a real-life superhero 

What exactly is it that makes fans love Chris Evans as Captain America? Aside from the fact that he is a great actor and extremely charismatic, he has taken on the role of Captain America in real life. Chris Evans has engaged in advocacy and philanthropy in many ways throughout his career. 

Chris Evans has publicly supported Christopher’s Haven, an organization that provides low-cost housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families while seeking treatment at Boston hospitals. When Chris Evans’ favorite football team the New England Patriots played in the 2015 Super Bowl, Chris made an interesting bet with his Marvel co-star Chris Pratt, which raised nearly $12,000 for Christopher’s Haven.

In May 2020, Chris Evans teamed up with fellow Marvel stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Jeremy Renner to raise money for charity with a chance for fans to win a virtual hangout with the actors. The OG Avengers raised money for Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, World Central Kitchen, and No Kid Hungry, according to Deadline

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Also in 2020, Chris Evans, along with Mark Kassen and Joe Kiani launched a “video-based civic engagement platform” called A Starting Point. The goal of the website is to create a discussion between elected officials and U.S. residents about issues affecting the country. These topics include education, immigration, and environmental issues. 

In a video explaining what inspired A Starting Point and how the website works, Chris Evans said that he wanted to create a platform where people interested in learning about the issues could get concise answers directly from elected officials.

“The more people involved in politics, the better,” Chris Evans remarked. “And hopefully the people who have no experience in this arena will find this site to be an intuitive and friendly access point.” 

Chris Evans is truly a HollyGOOD hero!

10 years of Sebastian Stan as Bucky

Ten years of Captain America: The First Avenger also means that we’ve been watching Sebastian Stan portray the character of James ‘Bucky’ Barnes on the big screen for a decade!

Bucky provides much of the heart of