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I watched The Unholy on Easter Sunday… Lord please forgive me

I walked into an AMC movie theater for a Sunday afternoon movie showtime to watch the new spooky Hollywood movie, The Unholy. As the previews played and the movie began, I suddenly realized that I was watching a movie about the devil on Easter Sunday. Lord, please forgive me. 

The film follows a washed up reporter, Gerry Fenn (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who is  sent to the small town of Banfield Massachusetts to cover a case, and when there is no real story, he decides to fabricate one of his own. He finds a creepy porcelain doll and decides to smash it for a photo-op, but what he doesn’t realize is the horror this would unleash. See the spook for yourself and watch The Unholy trailer here. 

The Unholy first impressions while watching in a movie theater near me

At first, The Unholy seems like an ode to horror films where the devil possesses an innocent soul, when a young deaf girl, Alice (played by Crickett Brown) claims she can hear the Virgin Mary. After some time, it becomes apparent that something a little more sinister is happening in this small Massachusetts town. As Father Hagen (played by William Sadler) says throughout the film, “Wherever God goes, the unholy follows.” 

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The Unholy took the interesting concept of the James Herbert novel, Shrine, and started out strong, but lost me after the first third of the movie. Too many corners were cut and I felt as if the last half of the film was on autopilot. If you’re a fan of good old faith-based horror movies, you may enjoy the film, but I found myself wanting more depth to the storyline and jumpscares to satisfy my horror movie needs.

The Unholy had some redeeming parts, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan

While I personally didn’t like the movie altogether, that doesn’t mean there weren’t good components of The Unholy. Supernatural alum,  Jeffrey Dean Morgan, did not disappoint as the lead in this film. While battling this demonic spirit, Gerry Fenn is facing a battle within himself and we follow the character on his journey of self-cultivation. Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a great job at conveying the character arc on screen. He is also very easy on the eyes and has aged like a fine wine. Twitter seems to agree. 

My own perspective should in no way discourage you from seeing it in movie theaters. I have no regrets about going, and I think it was amazing to see a scary movie on an actual big screen. There is something about seeing a movie in theatres, especially a horror flick, that is satisfying no matter what. 

Before you decide whether or not you want to see The Unholy in theaters, see what others thought of the new movie release. 

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This review is my personal favorite. 

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If you’re ready to make your way back to movie theaters, see movie showtimes for The Unholy here or check out new movie releases this week.  

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