James Gray Set To Direct ‘The Gray Man’

James GrayThere’s something weird about this story, but first some info. We have this book deal on a novel called The Gray Man. Let’s go to Deadline for a brilliant summation of the book: “Targeted by a powerful multinational corporation, a former CIA operative-turned ultimate assassin must fight his way across Europe and past special forces teams from around the world in order to save the life of his handler and the handler’s family.” And now they’ve hired acclaimed filmmaker James Gray to direct the adaptation.

Gray seems to have a plan for distinguishing his film from other works. Speaking about another film of his, We Own The Night, Gray laid out his method: “almost every shot was from Joaquin’s point of view and I want to make a whole movie with that POV.” While that does sound like a grand plan for an art film, we already experienced that with The American. But considering how great The American is, I’ll take another movie like that.

Still, this doesn’t excuse the fact that this is a movie called The Gray Man being directed by James Gray. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Source: Deadline