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Jay Hernandez Warns Film Fans About Horrific New Torture Movie

Movie star Jay Hernandez is warning the squeamish not to watch his new horror movie Hostel after seeing cinemagoers pass out during test and festival screenings.

The Crazy/Beautiful star admits the film, which is co-produced by Quentin Tarantino and features harrowing torture scenes, is very disturbing–and not for the weak of heart.

He says, “At the Toronto Film Festival two people had to be taken out of the theatre by ambulance during the first torture scene. It’s a true story. You can find the ambulance receipt out there somewhere to show some kind of proof but it really happened.

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“One person fainted in the audience and one person, who was feeling woozy after seeing the film, fell down the escalator on his way out. It is very graphic and if you have a light stomach it might be too much.”

Ironically, one person who saw the film and loved it was Hernandez‘s mother–even though it features scenes where her son’s legs are being drilled through.

He adds, “She really liked it. She said, `I had to cover my eyes a couple of times but, aside from that, I loved it. It was exciting.’ But she couldn’t look at the drilling scene, which is pretty horrific.”

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