John Krasinski put marriage to the test with A Quiet Place sequel car stunt


John Krasinski felt like he was putting his marriage to Emily Blunt to the test when he asked her to film a terrifying car stunt for the A Quiet Place sequel.

As he was explaining the sequence he wrote for his wife, he realized he was asking her to do one of the scariest things ever in a film, and he was stunned when she put her faith in him.

“I put her in a car and I said, ‘Right, you’re gonna go top speed… then you’re gonna hit a person and then you’re gonna keep going and then a bus is gonna come at you at 40 miles an hour and then it’s gonna hit the front of the car… Let’s do it!’,” the actor and director tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

“She was like, ‘Am I really gonna do this…?’ I realized that when I put her in the car, I was putting my marriage in the car! If that shot hadn’t gone well this (wedding ring) would not be on my hand.

“In all truth, it was Emily being a great sport and the most amazing stunt driver.”