John Lithgow Teams with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in Political Comedy ‘Dog Fight’

John LithgowAs a child, I would often find comfort, during those long, dark and frightening nights, knowing that somewhere out there, John Lithgow was keeping the world safe. As I got older, my fears strayed a bit from ghouls and shadows, and attached themselves more steadfastly to the corruption and malfeasance of man himself. Nothing is scarier than men in power: the government incites fear in many of us. But again, we turn to John Lithgow for comfort. And now, he’ll be taking on the horrifying world of politics head on.

The comically brilliant Lithgow is joining the political comedy Dog Fight—already starring two pirouetting forces of humor, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. The story will face Ferrell against Galifianakis as a rival pair of Southern politicians vying for the presidency. Lithgow (in a role yet undisclosed) will also be joining the talents of Jason Sudeikis, Brian Cox and Dylan McDermott, who, interestingly enough, is (according to IMDb) playing a character named Tim Wattley.

Tim Wattley. A name that should sound familiar to any Seinfeld fan. To those unfamiliar, Tim Wattley (played expertly by the one, the only Bryan Cranston) was the friend and dentist of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, who re-gifted a labelmaker, adorned his waiting room with inappropriate magazines, went to dental school with John Voight, and converted to Judaism just for the jokes.

What are we to feel about this name re-gifting? Hard to say. But where do we stand on Lithgow in Dog Fight? Absolutely on board.

Directing Dog Fight is Jay Roach, who brought us all three Austin Powers movies, the first two Meet the Parents films, and Mystery Alaska.

Source: Indiewire