‘Johnny English’ to meet McNulty, Scully, and more

Johnny EnglishUnfortunately there won’t be a crossover between Johnny English, The Wire, and The X-Files, but Dominic West and Gillian Anderson have been hired for Johnny English Reborn to star along with Rowan Atkinson. And that’s close enough for me.

An Education’s Rosamund Pike and Skins’ Daniel Kaluuya are also set to join the cast.

Atkinson is firing up his finger gun once again after 2003’s Johnny English. The film was a delightful British comedy and it proved that not all British spies can be, nor should they be, James Bond. Oliver Parker is directing the sequel which was written by Hamish McColl and William Davies. Filming starts this week and should run for the next few months.

The plot finds Johnny in the middle of… wait. Hold on. One of the writers is named Hamish? Hamish McColl? Who cares about the plot. It’s going to be funny and not really that important. What does matter is that my first child will be named Hamish. Boy or girl, doesn’t matter. Hamish just sounds delicious.

Source: Hollywood Reporter