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July 31st marks Harry Potter’s Birthday

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I recently rewatched the entire Harry Potter series with my roommates (yep, all 8 movies!). Personally, I had already seen them all as well as read every book about a dozen times, but 2 of my roommates were complete Harry Potter newbies! While revisiting the movie series with them, I realized that besides the iconic Hagrid cake scene, some of the moments regarding Harry’s birthday had been cut out. After watching the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 1 of my roommates said, “I wonder what his star sign is.”

As a major fan, I knew that answer, of course. Harry is a Leo because his birthday is July 31st. Since that date is coming up, this made me curious if people were still celebrating. In the past, I remember that fans used to go to Universal Studios on 7/31 to pay homage to “The Boy Who Lived. However, with the state of the world, I wondered if the fandom was still really that excited for Harry’s birthday.

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I did a deep dive and I’d like to bring you all with me on my findings!

When is Harry Potter’s Birthday?

Harry Potter shares a birthday, July 31st, with J.K. Rowling herself. Like I said earlier, this makes Harry Potter a Leo. Which is really interesting since the animals associated with Leos are lions. And lions are also the animals associated with the Gryffindor house. In fact, a lot of Gryffindor and Leo traits overlap. Gryffindor’s assigned element is fire and Leo is a fire sign.

Most commonly, Gryffindors are known for their daring nerve and chivalry. Many are regarded as brave but this often displays as reckless bravery. On the negative side, they can be seen as arrogant, cocky, and self-righteous with little regard for authority or the rules. Meanwhile, Leos are known for being big-hearted, fiercely protective, and loyal. This matches up perfectly with Gryffindors. Alternatively, there are some traits like loving drama and ambition that don’t necessarily align perfectly. Other traits that stuck out to me within Leos are strong leadership qualities (often being considered natural-born leaders), a tendency for independence, and inspiring those around them.

The negative traits commonly assigned to Leos line up with certain Gryffindors too. For example, being bossy and taking charge when people don’t want them to, which is a way Harry’s BFF Hermione Granger is consistently depicted. Alternatively, Leos are known for being quick to get upset when they don’t feel attention or acknowledgment, which reminds me a lot of Harry’s other BFF Ron Weaslery when he’s interacting with the Horcrux.

The line-up in traits was incredibly surprising to me. Is Gryffindor the Leo house or is Harry Potter just the most Leo person there is? Do you think the crossover between traits was a purposeful choice by J.K. Rowling or just a coincidence?

What others had to say about Harry Potter’s birthday

After quick browsing, I quickly learned that people continue to go all out for Harry Potter’s birthday. Between fans, libraries, and companies of all kinds, the day is still being honored. It’s no wonder this tradition is alive and going strong since this series that impacted so many..

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Tori was hoping for a movie marathon to celebrate.

One Barnes & Nobles made drinks for the occasion.

The Buda Public Library put together their own celebration.

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A wizard rock band is putting on a concert.

South Coast Writers Centre is having an online trivia night.

I’m not sure how I intend to celebrate, but I’m excited to see the options around me. Do you intend to celebrate? Tell us on Twitter!

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