7 Life Lessons We Learned From Elle Woods

Having a tough time at work or school? Is your love life in shambles? Perhaps you should turn to Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) for some good ol’ life advice! Many people underestimate how wise her character in Legally Blonde was, so to remind you here are seven life lessons we learned from her!  

1. If you want a man’s attention, you better bend and snap!


2. Murderers don’t exercise.


3. Confidence is key to success.

instalaugh:Daily dose of confidence: “You must always have faith in yourself.”MGM/Tumblr

4. Sales people will lie to try to get you to buy stuff.


5. Fake it until you freaking make it!

plasticismylife:Scene from Legally Blonde (2001)MGM/Tumblr

6. Never back down from a challenge.


7. When a guy shows his true colors, don’t ever take him back.


What lessons did you learn from Elle Woods? Share your favorite Legally Blonde moments in the comment section below!