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20 ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes To Use In Everyday Life

11 years ago Mean Girls tried to make fetch happen and despite what Regina George might have said, we know that it caught on. There’s a reason this movie is one of the quotable ones to exist. You can pretty much use a Mean Girls quote for any situation in life.

1. When you’re trying to use new slang:

2. When you need to shut that shit down if you’re parents start using your slang term:

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3. When you need to talk about tampons:

4. When you want someone to think you’re hip:

5. When it’s the best date of the year:

6. How to talk to your friends when they’re fighting:

7. Or, what to say when someone tries to interrupt your argument:

8. When you want to talk shit about someone:

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9. When you’re awkwardly flirting with someone:

10. When we’re trying to hit on someone:

11. When discussing your strictest motto:

12. When we’re trying to cheer our friends up:

13. When you’re waiting for your friend to get in the car:

14. When you do something nice for one of your friends:

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15. When you’re passing out things:

16. Whenever you see someone with big hair:

17. When you want to preach about feminism:

18. When you get more than 11 likes on Instagram:

19. When your friend double-texts you:20. And finally, what we say when someone tries to put us down:

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