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Mel Gibson Teases Lethal Weapon Return

Mel Gibson has fueled rumors of a return to his hit Lethal Weapon film franchise after recently reuniting with co-star Danny Glover and director Richard Donner.

The actors portrayed Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, respectively, in four action comedies from 1987 to 1998, and last month (Oct17), reports suggested the trio had entered talks with Warner Bros. Pictures bosses to make Lethal Weapon 5 a reality.

Gibson admits he has kept in touch with his movie collaborators, and he and Donner met up with Glover in Los Angeles after checking out his new play revival Yohen, a production the 61-year-old originally starred in in the late 1990s.

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Asked if fans will get to see the pair in a new Lethal Weapon sequel, Mel told Good Morning America, “You know, I went to see Dan the other night. He was doing a theater production in L.A. of a play he made great (sic) 17 years ago, he reprised it. I went to see him with Donner… so we got to talking, so yeah, maybe.”

Gibson and Glover previously reunited in public to salute Donner at a special career tribute at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gala in June (17), when Mel hailed the filmmaker as “a f**king genius”.

Meanwhile, Gibson, who recently received acclaim as the director of real-life war drama Hacksaw Ridge, is currently promoting a new comedy project after starring as Mark Wahlberg’s onscreen father in Daddy’s Home 2, and he enjoyed working solely as an actor again.

“It’s nice to have a change of pace and it’s good not to have to deal with the responsibility of the logistics of directing a film, and a serious film like that (Hacksaw Ridge) too,” he said, “so it was good to lay back, let another director do their thing, and just kinda show up and be a good soldier for a change.”

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