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Michelle Monaghan Defends Scientologist Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise‘s Mission: Impossible 3 co-star Michelle Monaghan has defended the actor against reports he promotes Scientology on set, insisting he never tried to convert her to the modern religion.

The new father faced criticism from the world media over his staunch beliefs after it emerged his fiancée Katie Holmes would have a silent, painkiller-free birth in accordance with the religion’s rules.

However, Monaghan insists Cruise‘s beliefs play no part in his professional life.

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She says, “He didn’t give me any Scientology advice and I never got any Scientology questions from him either.

“Should I hand him out books on Catholicism? I don’t know.

“I enjoyed every single minute of working with him. He’s such a complete professional and he couldn’t have been a more patient guy.

“On top of that, he’s such a generous guy. I’ve never seen any actor I’ve worked with treat the cast and crew the way he did. He’s incredible.”

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