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Millie Bobby Brown struggled with Sam Claflin’s funny dance moves on Enola Holmes set

Millie Bobby Brown felt like a giggling schoolgirl on the set of new Netflix movie Enola Holmes because co-star Sam Claflin kept cracking her up between takes.

The actor plays the pompous older brother of Millie’s Enola in the film and she reveals he was nothing like the super-serious character when the cameras weren’t rolling, making everyone laugh with his dancing skills.

“He’s a very funny person and it’s very hard to keep a straight face around him,” Millie tells Good Morning America, explaining that while the pair’s co-star, Henry Cavill, could keep it all professional when it was time to work, she was a mess.

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“I carry on the laughter and have to take myself off the set,” Brown explains. “That’s how I know I’m still 16 – I crack up at every little thing that Sam does, especially his dance moves.”

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