9 Underrated Disney Movies That Deserve Your Love

Netflix has revolutionized the art of movie streaming, making it easier for those who enjoyed Disney classics growing up to relive them with the click of a button. While we may have seen those lesser talked about Disney movies once or twice during our childhood, it’s easy to forget about their existence in the wake of classics such as The Little Mermaid or The Lion King. Here are a few magical titles that are well worth the re-watch!

1. Enchanted


Where to begin? Enchanted is not only a hybrid of animation and real life star power (AKA Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden), but it also pays tribute to a ton of Disney princess movies. Numerous scenes are homages to classics like Sleeping Beauty, and guest appearances of the actresses who voiced Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas are a thing. Not to mention it’s about a Disney princess taking on New York City. Genius.

2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire


As one of Disney’s most underrated adventure movies, Atlantis puts a spin on the classic works of author Jules Verne. Not only does the film have witty dialogue that “kids at heart” can enjoy, but the storyline of nerdy explorer Milo Thatch finding a secret world and falling for a mysterious extraterrestrial princess feels different than most Disney cartoons. Add this one to your Netflix list, folks.

3. Treasure Planet


A troubled teen battles the trials and tribulations of living in the future with a bunch of alien creatures. As if that’s not enough to keep excitement brewing, Jim Hawkins is soon faced with space pirates and a mission to find TREASURE PLANET. This creative twist on the classic Treasure Island story is sure to satisfy your inner-nerd.

4. Lady and the Tramp


As a kid you might have been a little bored during Lady and the Tramp. Its slower pace doesn’t leave much room for action and adventure, but it’s well worth the watch for those wanting to take a walk down memory lane. The story is simple yet classic (and a little more entertaining now that we’re older): good girl falls for bad boy; bad boy finally decides to settle down with good girl, leash, collar and all.

5. The Rescuers


A city and a country mouse band together to help an orphan. Touching, adorable, funny, and a long, tumultuous journey to find a happy ending. Despite it’s underrated status, this movie has Disney heart written all over it. You’ll also totally ship Bianca and Bernard by the end of it.

5. The Great Mouse Detective


Move over, Sherlock. Similar to Atlantis and Treasure Planet, this film takes inspiration from a classic story and then works it’s Disney magic. It’s London during the 1800’s and the clever Detective Basil must help young Olivia (an adorably posh mouse) find her father who has been abducted by a dubious rat, aptly named Ratigan. It’s one of Disney’s few (and best) detective mysteries.

6. Robin Hood


Robin Hood was probably Disney’s first bad boy. When he’s not stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he’s pulling pranks with Little John, wooing Maid Marian and hangin’ with his fan club of baby bunnies. As one of dozens of versions of this tale, the cute animals and gorgeous old school animation, make Disney’s version one of the best.

7. The Sword in the Stone


A young boy befriends Merlin the wizard and the two of them embark on a journey that involves magic, a super creepy witch named Mim, and transforming into squirrels. Merlin begins to teach young Arthur spells (basically making this an old school Harry Potter) and the boy finds that his destiny is fated for more than just being an orphan. Think of this as the story of King Arthur–origins style.

8. Oliver & Company


This movie is the cutest and the furriest rendition of Oliver Twist ever created. A stray kitty wants to be adopted and finds friends in the form of a band of dogs. Be prepared to laugh, cry and impulsively adopt an animal after watching this one.

9. Emperor’s New Groove


What better way to teach children the importance of selflessness than through a tale of an emperor whose self-absorbancy gets him turned into a llama. While the unique plot is enough to make this movie Disney gold, it’s the hilarious, charismatic characters that will keep the reign of Kuzco living on. Not to mention Yzma is one of the best Disney characters of all time.