Nick Frost Is a Dwarf in ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’


nick frostWell, this makes things interesting. One of the bajillion Snow White films being made, Snow White and the Huntsman has a moderately impressive cast of regular sized folks. We have Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Thor’s Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. Not too shabby.

Then we get the list of dwarves and it’s really impressive. Ian McShane, Toby Jones, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham and Ray Winstone will all be shrunk in post-production to round out the merry band of miners (I assume that’s what they’re off to do when they’re whistling).

But if you noticed, that was only six dwarfs. Our seventh is none other than Shaun of the Dead and Paul star Nick Frost. Considering Frost is by far the youngest of the bunch, he’ll probably play Gus, the dwarf smitten with Snow White. Not a bad role for Frost who is in need of the wide exposure his comedy brother Simon Pegg routinely gets showing up in Mission: Impossible and Star Trek movies. And plus it sounds like the kind of role he’ll be absolutely hilarious in. Who wouldn’t want to see him trade quips with McShane and Hoskins? Guess I have to see this movie now.

Source: Variety