‘Oz’, ‘Clash’, and ‘Runaways’ Get Start Dates

ALTOz, The Great And Powerful, one of the multitude of Oz films due out soon, has announced that it will begin filming next June. Robert Downey Jr. has signed on to play the wonderful wizard himself, but heavily rumored director Sam Raimi still claims that he has not officially joined the film.

Oz, a prequel to the original Judy Garland film, follows the wizard’s humble origins as a circus wrangler who is carried to Oz in a balloon. The script for the film comes from Mitchell Kapner, of The Whole Nine Yards.

Clash Of The Titans 2, the creatively titled sequel to this spring’s Clash Of The Titans, has gained a tentative start date of February 2011. Titans star Sam Worthington revealed that the sequel will be shot in 3D, avoiding the post-production 3D conversion that made the original nearly unwatchable. Jonathan Liebesman is taking over as director for Louis Leterrier, who decided not to return for the sequel. Liebesman is mostly known for his work on horror films, most notably Darkness Falls which is about an evil tooth fairy.

Marvel’s film adaptation of its teen superhero series Runaways is starting production in January. The comic, originally by Brian K. Vaughan of Lost and Y: The Last Man, is about a group of teenagers who go on the run after they realize that their parents are supervillains. The project, which is being directed by Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist’s Peter Sollett, will continue filming through next July.

While we’ve had talk of a Runaways project for some time, Marvel seems to be gearing up the production for a 2012 release. 2012 should prove to be a big year for Marvel Studios, as the Spider-Man reboot, Wolverine sequel, and Avengers film are also scheduled for a 2012 release.

Source: Production Weekly