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Prepare To Freak Out! Netflix Is Going To Stream Every Single Disney Movie

Netflix, oh how we love thee. How we laughed and cried during Orange Is The New Black, how we watched every episode of Breaking Bad in reverse order because we got into it way too late. Remember that time you showed us that we could lose days of our lives to Parks And Recreation, but still feel good about ourselves?

We love Netflix for its television offerings but when it comes to movies, unless you’re a fan of low-budget horror films, the service is undeniably lacking — until right now. Starting in September, Netflix will begin streaming every single Disney movie. Yes. Every single Disney movie.

This is not a drill!

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Right now you might be thinking, “Cool, but I am a grown person who doesn’t need to watch The Little Mermaid or The Lion King for nostalgia’s sake.” Well, every single Disney movie includes a lot more than just Frozen. The service will be streaming literally everything under the Disney umbrella including every film by Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

On June 1st, Netflix pulled a major fake-out by yanking some of our favorite ’90s Disney movies like Hercules and Mulan. Luckily, these movies will be back in September with the rest of the lot. This also marks the first time these films have been licensed to a non-cable entity. Look at you making history, Netflix. You go, girl.

As for new Disney films that are currently unreleased, you should be able to happily stream them seven to nine months after they hit theaters.

Basically, Oh…my…gosh!


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