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Everyone’s a Prisoner (Even Hugh Jackman!) in ‘Prisoners’ Trailer

In the second trailer for the upcoming film Prisoners, Father of the Year Hugh Jackman, a small town carpenter with the beard to prove it, is bound within the confines of his own mind as he loses all inhibition in the futile search for his kidnapped daughter and her best friend. To find the captive girls, the hysterical Jackman locks up the man he believes is responsible (Paul Dano) until he talks. The detective assigned to the case is played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a role whose name brings to mind a certain brother of Thor. Stuck inside his own sort of prison, Detective Loki is confined within the boundaries of limited clues, time and Jackman’s patience.


Credit: Warner Bros.


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Maria Bello plays the distraught wife of the crazed Jackman, while Terrence Howard and Viola Davis round out the cast as the somewhat more reserved parents of the other kidnapped girl. Director Denis Villeneuve will unleash Prisoners into theatres on September 20.

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