10 Reasons “Love & Basketball” Is Perfect

It has been 14 years since Love & Basketball premiered and since then the film has just been a force of nature. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan were able show the struggles of falling in love and following your dreams. Sometimes, one has to sacrifice the other, but sometimes if you are patient long enough it can all work out! After 14 years the writer and director, Gina Prince-Bythewood is back with another romance, Beyond The Lights. To celebrate we decided to compile a list with 10 reasons why Love & Basketball is just so gosh darn perfect!

1. The start of their love story is the cutest thing ever.


2. Monica and Quincy’s relationship has a perfect mix of being playful and sexy.


3. Monica was able to play around and make faces like this without him leaving.


4. This movie is about a tomboy that finds love, which isn’t very common.

Running around like a little boy on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc. 

5. The feminist storyline that shows the struggles between a housewife mother and a professional althete daughter is powerful.

Slap on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc.

6. Yes, Monica does get a makeover at some point in the movie, but it doesn’t last long and it’s not the reason a man falls in love with her.

makeover on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc.

7. Everyone’s heart stopped when Quincy refused to let Monica win in their final game.

losing on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc.

8. The fact that Quincy and Monica took a long time to get things right is perfect and realistic. Sometimes, other things take priority in your life before committing to a relationship.

That Love and Basketball type love.♥♥cynthiababiee.tumblr.com

9. It made the saying “double or nothing” so romantic!

Double Or Nothing on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc.

10. Monica’s happy ending didn’t result in her losing her career. She got to have it all and stay true to herself.

Baby on Make A GifNew Line Productions, Inc.

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