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Richard Gere Had to Change his Look to Play Desperate Fixer in New Film

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Richard Gere had to give up his leading man credentials to play a desperate, aged schemer in new movie Norman: The Moderate Rise & Tragic Fall Of A New York Fixer.

The former heartthrob spent a year before cameras rolled creating and perfecting his look as nebbish Norman Oppenheimer in writer/director Joseph Cedar’s forthcoming film.

This involved developing a slight stoop and making sure the character was always bundled up.
“Transforming Richard into Norman was very delicate,” Cedar explains.

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“We didn’t want to play too much with his appearance, but we still wanted to give him something that changes his body language, changes his own perception of himself,” Gere adds. “There’s a whole different physicality about Norman. He’s not an alpha male. This is not a guy who has flirtations with women – he’s kind of bound up. There’s always stuff around him; his coat, hat, earbuds, and briefcase, and the coat and hat are always tight.”

“I did a thing with my ears, where they stick out quite a bit more than mine do,” the Pretty Woman star adds. “It just seemed to hunker him down into himself in a funny way.”

In the film, Gere’s Norman plays a lonely schemer dreaming of becoming a fixer for New York’s biggest business moguls, but one generous act lands him in the middle of a major international scandal.

The movie, released inext month (Apr17), also features Beauty & the Beast star Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lior Ashkenazi, and Steve Buscemi as an influential Big Apple rabbi.

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