Ryan Reynolds Surprised A ‘Deadpool’ Superfan With Something Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

If you’ve ever had to get your wisdom teeth removed, you know how torturous the process can be. Not only are you totally out of it when you first finish the procedure, but you’re also in for a great deal of pain as soon as your medication begins to wear off. For Deadpool superfan, Mariah Boyle, the experience was even more upsetting. When she woke up from her procedure, she was convinced that she’d missed seeing the movie in theaters. Mariah’s tech savvy mom captured a video of her distraught daughter, and posted it to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds‘s Facebook page.

Luckily for Mariah, the hunky actor caught wind of the video and did something super magical.

Ryan Reynolds, Facebook, 020916

Not only did Reynolds respond to Mariah’s video, he also invited her to the New York premiere of Deadpool and complimented her mom’s breakfast casserole. He did all of this while wearing his own mouth full of cotton!! What a dreamboat, Blake Lively is one lucky lady.

A few days later, Mariah and her beau hopped on a plane and headed to NYC, where they did in fact meet, Mr. Reynolds. Seriously, what more could you want in a hero?!!

Ryan Reynolds, Mariah Boyle, Josh Dewayne Gregory, Facebook, 020916

Deadpool  hits theaters Friday, February 12, 2016