SDCC 2011: ‘Total Recall’ Thrills at Comic-Con


Colin FarrellOne of Sony’s most thrilling additions to this year’s Comic-Con was the upcoming Total Recall. Adapted more faithfully to the Philip K. Dick story “I Can Remember It For You Wholesale” than its 1990 counterpart, this movie will find Colin Farrell’s character as a spy who’s unaware of which side he’s on when a dystopian Earth endures international warfare.

In tow with Total Recall’s exhibition were stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and John Cho, as well as director Len Wiseman.

Here’s what we saw:

Footage featuring Colin Farrell was amazing and well received by audience. Action sequence that featured storm trooper looking cops chasing after Farrell.

Use same character names from original film.

Bryan Cranston wanted to give his character compassion and benevolence. “the more we get the audience involved, the more they will enjoy the movie. If you can’t invest in the characters then you can have all the explosions in the world and I won’t be interested.”

Cranston was just told by a fan asking a question that he is ineligible to win an Emmy this year because of the long break in shooting. Cranston feigned shock. Funny moment.

Kate Beckinsale (speaking of their fight scene) said it was tough to throw an elbow at “one of the most beautiful faces in the world” referring to Jessica Biel and what she referred to as her $3 billion nose.

Question for Beckinsale: Were you intimidated by taking the role that Sharon Stone originally played? “Not until now” was her answer. Laughs from audience.

John Cho is blonde in the film.

Question for Cranston: you rely on your director to guide you through the process.

Producer Wiseman says Philip K. Dick likes to question reality and they stay true to that in this movie.

Fan compared Cranston to Jack Lemmon, Cranston clearly pleased.