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Secret Service Agent Slams Michael Douglas Movie Portrayal

Hollywood star Michael Douglas has come under fire from the Secret Service agent who saved President Ronald Reagan during a 1981 assassination attempt.

Tim McCarthy, who took a bullet in the gut, is furious Douglas‘ thinly disguised character in action movie The Sentinel portrays him as a two-timing cheat, rather than a happily married national hero.

In the film, which also stars Eva Longoria, Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Basinger, Douglas plays licentious Pete Garrison who, although saving the president’s life, also embarks on an illicit affair with his wife.

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McCarthy tells PageSix.com, “It’s outrageous and I don’t plan on wasting $8 or $10 to see it.

“My daughter saw it and she was upset by it. She said there is no question it’s me. My wife is also upset by it. When it hits that close to home, you can’t be pleased.”

Screenwriter George J. Nolfi denies the film replicates real people, insisting, “The entire second half of the movie is completely invented and the characters were largely transformed or invented.”

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