See The Cast of ‘Titanic’ Then and Now

Titanic released in 1997 and broke many box office records, as well as earning nominations across the board at the Golden Globes and Oscars. We fell in love with Jack and Rose’s story and were heartbroken by that ending. Even star Kate Winslet agrees, Jack could have fit! See what the cast looks like almost 20 years later.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Jack Dawson
Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
We ALL know where Leo is now. Titanic was nominated for many awards, yet our beloved Leo was not even considered for the coveted Best Actor nomination. After his mega success with Titanic, he went on to star in many big films, such The Man in the Iron Mask, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator (where he landed an Oscar nom), and much more. Leo and Kate reunited on-screen again as lovers in Revolutionary Road, though it's not exactly the happy love story we all wanted. Over the years, it's become a running gag that Leo will never win an Oscar, despite how dedicated he is to all of his roles. After winning the Golden Globe for The Revenant, it seems like 2016 might be the first year that Leo gets the Oscar. Fingers crossed! Everyone's rooting for him, especially Kate!
Kate Winslet - Rose DeWitt Bukater
Kate Winslet, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
Before Titanic, Kate Winslet had started her path on becoming a commanding English actress, working in theatre as well as on films with other English superstars. After Titanic, she continued that success and became the youngest person to be nominated for 6 Academy Awards (she's been nominated for 7 total) at 33-years-old. She is also one of few actors who are coveted EGOT recipients (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Her successes since Titanic include: Iris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Little Children, Revolutionary Road (which she one her first Oscar for), and her most recent work Steve Jobs, for which she won a Golden Globe and like her former on-screen love Leo, she was nominated for a 2016 Oscar and just may win!
Kathy Bates - Molly Brown
Kathy Bates, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
By the time she portrayed the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Kathy Bates was already a star in her own right. Since Titanic, she hasn't stopped for even a moment. She's had major success in film as well as television, appearing in HBO's Six Feet Under, as Ms. Hannigan in the 1999 Annie remake, Dash & Lilly, The Office, and much more. She re-teamed with Leo & Kate in 2008 for Revolutionary Road. She won her first Emmy for playing the ghost of Charlie on Two and a Half Men (her first win after 9 noms). She later won again for her role as Madame Delphine LaLaurie on season 3 of American Horror Story. She's remained on the show ever since, playing a new, vivid character with each season. She holds a pretty high title in Hollywood as the Executive Committee Chair of the Actors Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors.
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Billy Zane - Caledon "Cal" Hockley
Billy Zane, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
While we hated Cal the second we saw him, we kind of enjoyed him for that luscious head of hair. Too bad it was apparently a toupée ! That's fine, because Billy Zane just proves how beautiful bald is, though at the time he wasn't quite bald, just balding. Since playing the most hated character in Titanic (even more hated than that pesky iceberg), Zane put in work, being a very instrumental part in the creation of the critically acclaimed film The Believer, in which he starred as neo-Nazi and worked opposite Ryan Gosling. He's continued to work in film, appeared on television in shows like Charmed, and even did some time on Broadway in Chicago. Recently, he was on the TV show Community. In 2016 we can see him reprise the important role of Billy Zane (he's a cool dude) in Zoolander 2.
Frances Fisher - Ruth DeWitt Bukater
Frances Fisher, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Getty Images
We may not have loved Frances Fisher in Titanic, because Ruth was just trying to force her daughter into marriage because they were poor, but we got to give her props. Frances has staked her career on playing strong women (strong headed and strong willed), after Titanic in films like True Crime, House of Sand and Fog, Laws of Attraction, The Kingdom, and The Lincoln Lawyer. In 2014, Fisher began starring in the ABC drama series Resurrection. In 2015 she played the mother of Ryan Reynolds character in Woman in Gold.
Bill Paxton - Brock Lovett
Bill Paxton, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
In the '90s Bill Paxton was big in film, but after Titanic, he took that success to the small screen! He spent several years on the HBO show Big Love, which he earned 3 Golden Globes on. In 2012 he was a lead on the History Channel show Hatfields & McCoys, after that he portrayed one of the major villains on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Most recently he was in the Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow and the TV mini-series Texas Rising.
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Bernard Hill - Captain Edward James Smith
Bernard Hill, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
Bernard Hill is one of few people who got along with director James Cameron while working on Titanic, as you may know it's been said Cameron was a bit difficult to work with at that time. Before Titanic, Hill had worked successfully on television, but after he snagged one of his best known roles to date, playing King Théoden in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (he was also heavily considered for the role of Gandalf). More recently he's gotten back to his television roots and worked on several TV mini-series including: From There to Here, Hope and Wire, and Wolf Hall.
Victor Garber - Thomas Andrews
Victor Garber, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
After his success (or failure if we're talking about the character) as the ship's creator in Titanic, Garber went on to work with Kathy Bates again in the 1999 remake of Annie. He played Jack Bristow on Alias, which fostered a great relationship with Jennifer Garner, leading for him to be the officiant at her wedding to Ben Affleck and the godfather of their daughter Violet. After working in more film and television over the years, he's recently taken up home on The CW as Dr. Martin Stein, first on The Flash and now DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
Danny Nucci - Fabrizio
Danny Nucci, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
A lot of Danny Nucci's big success came around the same time as Titanic. Did you know that he's not actually Italian? He's Austrian! More recently he's been working on television, appearing in popular shows like Arrow, Castle, NCIS, CSI: Miami, and more. He's played Mike Foster on the hit ABC Family (sorry, Freeform) show The Fosters since 2013.
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David Warner - Spicer Lovejoy
David Warner, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Getty Images
Prior to Titanic, David Warner had a very lengthy theater and film career that spanned several decades. Since then he's made a strong presence for himself on TV, with voice over work and several guest roles on popular shows. Some of his best known voice over work includes many audio plays like Sympathy for the Devil and Circular Time (based on Doctor Who). Most recently he appeared on the shows Wallander and Ripper Street.
Suzy Amis - Lizzy Calvert
Suzy Amis, Titanic
20th Century Fox/Splash News
Suzy Amis hasn't acted since the 1999 film Judgment Day and instead has turned to a life of activism. Something adorable to point out is that she met her husband on the set of Titanic. She's been married to director James Cameron since 2000. In 2014 the couple founded Food Choice Task Force, an organization focused on showing the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and the environment.
Alexandrea Owens-Sarno - Cora Cartmell
Alexandrea Owens-Sarno, Titanic
20th Century Fox/IMDB/Green Feather Photography
Remember the little girl who danced with Leonardo DiCpario in Titanic? Apparently she was as enamored with him as we all were. Recently, she said how between takes Leo would give her pb&j sandwiches and how sweet he was to her. Now 26-years-old, she's all grown up and still acting, though not in anything we would have seen publicly.
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R.I.P. Gloria Stuart - Old Rose
Gloria Stuart, Titanic
20th Century Fox
Gloria Stuart lived a very long and colorful life. Her career, which spanned over 70 years, had her as an actress on the screen and the stage, and she also was as an artist, working as a fine painter. She portrayed our beloved older Rose Dawson in James Cameron's Titanic, which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, being eighty-seven at the time, making her the oldest person nominated for an Academy Award for acting. Her last film performance was in Wim Wenders' Land of Plenty in 2004. She passed away from respiratory failure and lung cancer in 2010 at the age of 100.