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Popular anime is coming to theaters in ‘Lupin III: The First’ Trailer

Lupin the Third is a very popular manga turned anime series that’s been running for years.

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It first started in 1967 in Japan and it’s been turned into everything from 6 different tv series, 11 films, two live-action films, 27 specials, musicals, albums, and even many different videogames. Now,23 years after the first film, he’s back in 3DCG in ‘Lupin III: The Third’.

Fans of the American dubbed version will find some familiar voices since all of the English cast is here including Tony Oliver, Doug Erholtz, Michelle Ruff, Richard Epcar, and Lex Lang. But don’t worry, if you speak Japanese OR would rather read along to with them, your in luck, there’s an English subtitled trailer too

The film follows Lupin III, the “gentleman thief” who has discovered something new to steal; the Bresson diary.  Lupin’s family has some ties to this diary, as its the one thing his grandfather couldn’t steal. As it turns out, this thing in the wrong hands could bring back the Third Reich. so the gang has to steal it and make sure those wrong hands don’t get ahold of it.

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‘Lupin III: The Third’ Dubbed will run in theaters on October 18, while the English subtitled will be in on October 21, 2020 with select theaters to have more showings.

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Tickets can be found here

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