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16 Lessons on Drinking That ‘Bridesmaids’ Taught Us

Bridemaids has taught us many things. It has taught us about friendship and wedding planning. It’s taught us never to eat at a strange place before a dress fitting. But, most importantly, it’s taught us some stuff about drinking.

You firmly believe that wine makes everything better:

Beer does not make you bloated:

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Your flirtation skills become a little less subtle:

And your dance moves aren’t as great as you think they are:

Too much alcohol and you’ll start making fun of people unintentionally:

But your insults are pretty terrible:

If you see a police officer, you think it’s funny to talk to them:

When you’re drunk, you think you can stealthily break into/out of places:

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If you see a puppy, you’ll freak out and attempt to steal them all:

Sometimes you get confused about whether or not you’ve hooked up with someone:

You go from happy drunk to feeling sorry for yourself in five seconds:

You forget that such things as TMI exist:

You start coming up with ideas that you think are brilliant:

Alcohol suddenly makes you think you’re an expert on history:

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Sometimes, life will bite you in the ass. When you’re drunk, a person will bite you on the ass:

After a night out, you’ll check your bank account and begin to cry:

What lessons did Bridesmaids teach you? Share your answers in the comment section below!

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