10 Signs Your Life Is Like A Nicholas Sparks Adaptation

Nicholas Sparks has written many love stories that have eventually been made into beloved movies. Years later, you can still find many people quoting The Notebook,  flocking to the theaters for his newer film adaptations, and ultimately comparing their love lives to his novels. Although many of us would like to think our love is just as great as Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie’s (Rachel McAdams), is that actually the case? Here are 10 ways to find out!

1. You communicate with your loved one through letters.

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2. You got married young, knowing forever might not be as long as you hoped.

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3. You or your significant other pulled some crazy stunt to make the other agree to go out on a date.

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4. You’ve fallen in love with someone in the service.

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5. You’ve reunited with your first love after many years.

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6. You and your lover do care a lot about each other, but you argue a lot.

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7. Your parents don’t approve of your relationship.

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8. You’ve had to ask whether you’re on a date or not because of mixed messages.

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9. You’ve fallen in love at first sight.

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10. You’ve been lucky enough to grow old together.

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