Simon Baker Signs $30 Million ‘Mentalist’ Deal

ALT TEXTSimon Baker can now buy 30 million Tootsie Rolls. Or, you know, something else. But whatever, that dude is getting paaaaaid.

The actor — better known as Patrick Jane in CBS’ hit show The Mentalist — just signed a staggering new deal with Warner Bros. Television that extends his contract by one year and guarantees him an estimated $30 million payday. On top of receiving a boatload of cash, Baker also landed a producer credit on the show once its fifth season begins. Plus, in a way to make even more money, Baker will receive a portion of back-end profits from re-runs of The Mentalist (which already averages 16 million viewers for each new episode), currently syndicated on TNT.

Before The Mentalist, Baker was known mainly for his role in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Now, to the public, he’ll be known as one of television’s highest paid actors. And to his friends, the dude with the Porsche.

Source: ScreenRant