‘Skyfall’: New IMAX Poster Proves that James Bond Is Cooler Than You


Remember back in high school when you got your first car? You thought, “Finally, a way to look cool!” You went out and rented a swanky suit, slapped on an expensive watch and nabbed a shiny firearm. And all you had to do then was stand cavalierly next to your new ride, just waiting for someone to notice how cool you looked.

Well… you didn’t look cool. The suit didn’t fit. The watch was an obvious knockoff. And what the hell are you doing with that gun, you nutjob? No amount of grayscale could have made you look cool. You’re not James Bond. But do you know who is? Daniel Craig. And in the below new IMAX print for the upcoming Bond movie Skyfall (which you can get by attending the opening night midnight showing at participating IMAX theaters), Craig exemplifies just how much cooler he is, in every conceivable way, than you are. Don’t feel bad — few members of the human race are comparable to Bond in coolness: the Fonz, David Bowie, George Washington Carver. But odds are, you’re just an average joe. 

But if you stare long enough at the poster, you might be able to convince yourself… you might be able to make yourself believe

SkyfallPeruse this complete list of participating IMAX theaters, and determine strategically your best bet for earning one of these posters. Factor in distance, traffic, the cinephilia of the locale (you don’t want to be the last one in line, do you?), and what enemies might be awaiting you on your journey. In other words, be your own Bond! And snag one of these prints, if you wish.

[Photo Credit: Sony Pictures]


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