‘Star Wars VII’ Might Be Adding Jonathan Rhys Meyers to the Cast

Credit: Dan Steinberg/AP Photo

Up until this point, there haven’t been many big surprises in terms of Star Wars VII casting news. Director J.J. Abrams has amounted Original Trilogy veterans Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford to compile the cast list for the first of the forthcoming sequels, promising a Galaxy Far, Far Away that seems familiar. But if we’re to believe the latest rumors, then we should have no concerns about the franchise picking up with something altogether fresh. Word is circulating from yet unconfirmed reports at Latino Review (which is well known, at least sarcastically, for its breaking Star Wars news) that Jonathan Rhys Meyers could be the first newbie to enter the Star Wars universe in the Abrams film.

At this point, Meyers’ involvement and any role he might take on are little more than speculation. But the Irish actor — having earned cinematic acclaim in Woody Allen’s Match Point, Ang Lee’s Ride with the Devil, and the Showtime series The Tudors — would be a welcome addition to the Rebel Alliance. He can muster that Skywalker earnestness, that Solo edge. Or perhaps a denizen of the Dark Side? That mug playing puppeteer with the Force… that’s a haunting thought.

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