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Taika Waititi to host Thor: Ragnarok screening party

Taika Waititi and a special guest are to host a live-streamed screening party of his movie Thor: Ragnarok.

The New Zealand filmmaker and guests will provide commentary on Instagram Live (https://www.instagram.com/taikawaititi/) while watching the film on Thursday (09Apr20).

Announcing the event on Twitter, Taika wrote;

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The Jojo Rabbit director has been indulging his artistic side while unable to make movies due to the coronavirus pandemic, showing followers two rabbit and snake soft toys he had stitched together.

“I’m quitting film,” he joked after posting a picture of his creations. “It’s the right thing to do when you can bring so much joy to the world with your sewing. Btw it’s a rabbit and a snake and the frayed bits are on purpose. It’s “rustic”. And that’s a tongue coming out of the snake’s mouth not a tampon you smart a*ses.”

In other live-streaming movie news, Focus Features are broadcasting screenings of their films each Monday for free via their Facebook page

(https://www.facebook.com/FocusFeaturesUK/), alongside Q&As with directors, with the aim of raising funds for the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Monday’s screening will feature Wes Anderson discussing his movie Moonrise Kingdom, while Kevin Smith will host a Mallrats Watch Party on April 20. The final live-streaming movie of the month will be My Summer of Love. All start at 8 pm EST.

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