The ‘Greed’ behind fast fashion

Isla Fisher

Ever wonder how that trendy tee can possibly be so cheap? Confused about why fashion companies seem to always be having a sale? Look no further.

Greed gives a fictional glimpse into the business of fast fashion. And it ain’t pretty. Extravagant showcases of wealth from yachts to parties in Greece with lions, this movie discloses the secret ingredient for how fast fashion businesses are able to obtain extreme success – greed.

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Steve Coogan and Isla Fisher deliver hilarious – yet serious when necessary – performances into the lives of the ridiculously rich profiters of the wicked fast fashion business. It’s informative, entertaining, gut-wrenching, and an important film for the current age.

With fast fashion brands dominating the fashion industry, this film gives a glimpse behind the curtain of how exactly they’re able to obtain such massive wealth. You’ll second guess where you buy your next pair of jeans after watching this film.

Greed (2019) stars Isla Fisher and Steve Coogan and is available to watch online. loves trees and is on a mission to make movie tickets 100% digital, saving countless trees.