10 Things Star Wars Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Star Wars has been around much longer than most franchises with huge fandoms. That means that the fans have to put up with a lot more. Of course this includes seeing the franchise change for the better in some ways, but mostly for the worst. It also includes hearing a lot of stupid things from people who just don’t get it. Ever wondered what the greatest fandom is tired of hearing? Here are 10 things!

1. “You must be so excited for the new Star Wars!”


Yeah, more like skeptical.

2. “Cosplaying is weird.”


Funny, I don’t remember asking for you opinions on how I spend my time.

3. “How can you claim to love Star Wars, but hate George Lucas?”


Because he is my Darth Vader?

4. “Ohhhh so you’re a Trekkie!”


No…I’m not since that would be Star TREK.

5. “Oh I’m a fan too, but I’ve only gotten to the episode I-III.”


And you have the GALL to still call yourself a fan?

6. “The added graphics they put in the orginials make the movies better.”


No, they don’t. It makes the movies look like all the other CGI crap that comes out these days.

7. “Maybe you should scale back on pushing your love of Star Wars on others.”


THIS is a Star Wars household! I will NEVER stop.

8. “Must you always constantly speak in Star Wars references?”


…because everything I’m referencing is genius!

9. “You should really think about getting rid of your Star Wars action figures.”

gifsofthe80s:Jabba The Hut Action Figure - 1984Tumblr

Nope, these are worth something! Plus if I have kids I want them to have access to awesome toys!

10. “You know not everything is a rip off of Star Wars.”

SNL Studios/Tumblr

True, but don’t be mad because I can point out when something is.

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