18 Things You Can Only Understand If You Have a Sister

Having a sister is a unique experience, regardless of whether you’re the youngest or the oldest — the adorable little sister or the wise, mature older one. You’re born with a built-in best friend, and there’s nobody that you’re closer to growing up… for better or worse! Your sister can be your biggest pain in the butt, or your best ally when things get tough, and there’s nothing sweeter than having someone who always has your back and understands you in ways that no one else ever possibly could. A sisterly bond is something that can be complicated and emotional, but also so rewarding and special.

1. Getting into shenanigans with your sister is the norm.

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You never know what kind of trouble the two of you can end up in, and it’s always fun.

2. She’s the first one to help you out of a sticky situation.

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3. When things go awry (and they always do), you have someone to give you a reality check.

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4. And likewise, you’re always there when she needs a strong dose of reality.

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5. You’ve always got someone to protect you from a common enemy.

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6. And you’re the best at judging people together.

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7. There’s nothing more fun than annoying your parents.

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8. All you have to do is give her that look…

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You know exactly what she’s thinking, and sometimes it’s freaky.

9. Things aren’t always perfect. You sling insults at each other like only sisters can.

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10. And growing up, you were always compared to each other.

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11. Sometimes people don’t acknowledge your individual personalities.


It can be frustrating.

12. But she’s also there when you need support, and that’s the best thing in the world.

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13. She loves you unconditionally, and vice versa.


14. She always knows how to make you laugh.

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15. And she manages to always embarrass you in public.



16. She gives you the best advice, even if it hurts to hear sometimes.

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17. But you know you’ll do anything for each other.

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18. And of course…

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