This Is What The Mathlete From ‘Mean Girls’ Looks Like Now


We remember Mean Girls for a lot of the things, the hilarious one-liners, the diabolical burn book and most of all The Plastics notoriously outlandish rules. However, one person that we often overlook from the film is Cady’s evil snaggletooth adversary, Caroline Kraft, the mathlete from Marymount Prep that goes head to head with Cady in the state finals. 

In the film, Caroline was not a woman about her fashions and that’s OK, a bit of lip hair and some unruly eyebrows never hurt anyone. She was smart AF so that’s really what matters. But what does Clare Preuss, the actress who played Caroline look like now? The 38-year old Canadian actress hasn’t starred in anything  since Mean Girls in 2004, but according to IMDB, she is currently filming a new movie, We.

Flip to see what Clare looks like now!