This ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Filming Location Is Now A Creepy Bed And Breakfast

gas station 2

Remember that creepy gas station from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? If we stumbled upon this gas station in real life, most of us would be doing our best to spend as little time there as possible; however, some horror movie fanatics just want to push the envelope. Some horror movie fanatics want to run towards the warning signs of a creepy place you should probably leave. This is the idea behind the newly renovated Last Chance Gas Station, which is now a quaint (read: terrifying) new bed and breakfast.

Known in the film as Last Chance Gas Station, the Hills Prairie Grocery reopened last week as a “bed-and-barbecue” tourist attraction called “The Gas Station.” The attraction includes overnight cabins with a selection of famous horror movies (probably everything from Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise) and a BBQ restaurant called We Slaughter. Guests also get the chance to explore the filming location and hardcore horror fans can browse through the memorabilia gift store and post for photos. We’re crossing our fingers for little chainsaw key chains.

The Gas Station launched on October 8th and has a few celebrity guest appearances lined up. Caroline Williams from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 will appear alongside Edwin Neal, who played Nubbins Sawyer in the original film, on Halloween and October 31st. Ed Guinn (not to be confused with the serial killer Ed Gein) who played the cattle driver that saved Sally in the 1974 film will also appear.

Check out some photos from the bed-and-barbecue below.

gas station

the gas station

gas station 3


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