Tobey Maguire To Star In ‘Good People’

ALT TEXTTobey Maguire, remember him? It’s okay if you don’t, we almost forgot he existed too.

Anyway, the actor is set to both produce and star in the upcoming film adaptation of Marcus Sakey’s novel, Good People, according to Production Weekly’s Twitter feed. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version) director Niels Arden Oplev will helm the pic.

Good People tells the story of a financially struggling Chicago couple, Tom and Anna Redd. They are landlords and when one of their tenants die, they discover $400,000 hidden in his apartment. But, it’s not too long before they realize that the man is actually connected to the Chicago criminal circuit, and Tom and Anna go to extreme lengths to keep the cash.

Now this sounds like a promising plot, but can Maguire deliver? His recent performances haven’t been that great (Brothers comes to mind); hopefully the actor will finally give us something that makes us not think of Peter Parker. We know he’s got the chops (Pleasantville and The Cider House Rules proved that), but he seems to have become complacent as Spider Man over the years and is in desperate need of a career reboot. He’s got dozens of movies in development, so even is this isn’t the film that puts him back in the spotlight, Tobey’s got plenty of projects to pick from. To be continued!

Source: Production Weekly’s Twitter