Skip Dating and Enjoy The Best Anti-Valentines Day Movies

Whether you’re single or dating someone, swiping left or right, it can’t be denied that a Valentines Day on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and wine doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. You may eventually get tired of watching Pretty Woman or Date Movie for the 5,000th time so enjoy these “anti-Valentines” movie to enjoy either alone or with a loved one. 

(500) Days of Summer


The perfect movie about the joys of falling in love…and the regrets of falling too hard for a person. It’s the film equivalent of the classic break up  line: “You love me more than I love you”. Heartbreaking but hilarious, (500) Days of Summer also boasts a great soundtrack and emotional performances. Best watched with: 2 bottles of YellowTail Merlot

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It may be hard to take a movie seriously when Jim Carrey is playing, well, serious. What Eternal Sunshine proves is that even the best relationship isn’t over after you break up. It takes time for each party to figure out what went wrong or, perhaps how good they had it. It’s a movie that is best enjoyed single. Best Enjoyed With: Bottle of Prosecco & a healthy amount of pizza 

The Rules of Attraction (Available on Netflix)


Alright, so Eternal Sunshine and (500) Days got you a bit down? No worries, Rules of Attraction will lift your spirits…or at least your self-esteem. The film, about privileged college kids trying to date people who are not interested in them. As a result, they lie, cheat, steal, and do a lot of hard drugs to compensate for their missed opportunities. Best Enjoyed With: Any hard Liquor and some croutons to clear your pallet with.  

Fatal Attraction


Crazy exes? Glenn Close has got you beat. Because she is obsessed with Michael Douglas, she threatens his family & even boils a bunny. Yeah, and you thought Leslie from middle school was bad for giving you the stink eye.  Fatal Attraction is one film on the list that is best enjoyed with a loved one so that you can see how psycho she/he is. Note: if they laugh maniacally at the Bunny scene, run fast and hide. And break up with them…but do it gently. Best Enjoyed With: Not animal stew. Maybe some beer. 

Frances Ha

Still dreaming of being in college? Perhaps about that college sweetheart you loved so much? Or do you prefer being single? Isn’t life bad enough as it is, who would want to share it with anyone else? Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha doesn’t force its title character into a relationship: real life is hard enough on her own as it is. It is a stark, realistic tale of post-grad life hitting you too fast, but reminds you that the only real person you need in life is yourself…..and a best friend. Best Enjoyed With: Whatever you ate as a poor college student. Me? Sourdough pretzels and Shocktop

Husbands and Wives

Woody Allen ruining a moment? How could he? Husbands and Wives won’t ruin your Valentines Day, per se, but will maybe give you a glimpse into your marital future as the film follows the disintegration of two couples when one of them divorces. Filmed like a documentary (and feeling eerily like one due to the scandal Mia Farrow and Allen were in at the time), Husbands & Wives is actually better suited for a dinner party setting where secrets can come out more organically and more classy. Best Enjoyed With: Wine and Cheese. All of it.