Ryan Reynolds Lives in the Fast Lane in ‘Turbo’ Trailer

Turbo is the newest animated feature from DreamWorks, but if I were to describe the plot using Pixar movies, it seems to have the follow-your-dreams attitude of Ratatouille and the car racing of, well, Cars.

Turbo is a garden snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) with a need for speed, and tired of his slow-paced life. As fate would have it, a freak accident with a drag racer gives him the ability to move lightning-fast. His unique power catches the attention of the owner of a failing taco restaurant, who comes up with the plan of entering Turbo in the Indy 500.

Credit: DreamWorks

With the help of a crew of fellow snails, Turbo tries to win racing’s biggest prize. Does he succeed? Or does he get crushed by a car? I’m just saying, one wrong move and this could become a whole different movie. Turbo blasts into theaters on July 17.

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