UPDATE: Rock, Kendrick and Decker Join ‘What To Expect When Your Expecting’

brooklyn decker cleavageUPDATE: Two more stars are joining the What to Expect When You’re Expecting cast: Chris Rock as a lecturer who gives advice to soon-to-be-fathers (probably heavily derogatory advice, but advice nonetheless) and Up in the Air‘s Anna Kendrick, a young girl experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

EARLIER: I think Brooklyn Decker would make a fantastic mother. Or rather, it’d be fantastic to make Brooklyn Decker a mother. Either way, she’s joined the cast of What to Expect When You’re Expecting — the adaptation of the perennial best seller about getting pregnant behind a middle school (I assume). She’ll play a character married to a much older man, who is expecting twins. Her pregnancy goes by smoothly much to the annoyance of her friends. Needless to say, Decker is quite adept at dealing with twins.

The film is being toted as an ensemble romantic comedy, much in the same vein as Love Actually and Valentine’s Day, and Decker joins the large cast that already includes Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Let’s give it up for Decker’s amazing rack, one more time ladies and gentlemen, because really, that’s why we’re all here!

Source: ComingSoon