What Will Be Different About Stephen King’s ‘It’ Remake? Just Visit The Set Locations To See!

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Last year it looked the remake of Stephen King’s It wasn’t going to happen. Fast forward to right now and the production is in full swing! We’re so, so excited for this movie!

We recently got a first look at Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise and were intrigued by the fact that Skarsgård is much, much younger than Tim Curry was when he played Pennywise. Curry’s version of the demented clown closely followed the novel, but Skarsgård, being so young, can’t possibly. This was the first hint that film may be aiming for a fresh, modern take on the character that’s more easily digestible for younger audiences who are used to Hollywood’s obsession with youth and all that CGI blood and gore the early ’90s just didn’t have.

Our original theory is only further proved by videos released from the film’s set locations. The town of Port Hope, Canada has been transformed into Derry, Maine to shoot the first part of the remake, directed by Andy Muschietti

One Port Hope resident stumbled upon the set and released a couple of YouTube videos showing how the town has changed in its transformation. Among a spattering of classic cars and signs that assure us business is still operating while filming occurs was one key detail found on Derry’s movie theater marquee. 

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If you look closely, the movie theaters appears to be screening Batman and Lethal Weapon 2, both of which were released in 1989. This means that the first installment of It will take place in 1989 — way, way after the events of the original . The book was set in the ’50s and mid-80s, and the original film was set ten years later. The first part took place in the ’60s and the second in the ’90s (when the film was released).  We’re betting the second half of this remake will take a note from the original and occur in current times.

It will be interesting to see It revamped in the age of modern technology — cellphones, laptops, GPS. Do you think this younger Pennywise hangs out on Snapchat? That’d be a trip.

It hits theaters on September 8th, 2017, and you can check out the videos of the film’s locations below.